Half-finished posts

You couldn’t tell from the date on the last entry, but I have been busy writing posts – I’ve just had some trouble finishing them. At least ten posts are percolating in various cache states and most of them will find their way to the surface.

For now, I have to content myself with dealing with the insane machinations of the mundane life. Changes in work schedules, illness, legal woes, and wild dreams have been the name of the game over the last month. If you haven’t already guessed, this is just a filler post – not for you. You have plenty of Facebook entries to get through. No, this is just for me. Yet, in mentioning Facebook, I want to post two links I found in Facebook that take opposite views of following writing both as a career and in pursuing that much maligned yet dearly loved degree, the Master of Fine Arts.

Here’s a bummer of an article written by someone I suspect is in the middle of a creative crisis:


And this one to cleanse the palate and refresh the spirit:


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